6 of the best period underwear for 2021

If you’ve never tried period underwear before, the idea of going sans tampon can be a little frightening. All menstruating people want to feel protected from leaks and spotting during their time of the month, and you may be doubtful that period underwear is absorbent enough to give you that peace of mind. But you can rest assured, they really are. Depending on the style you opt for, you can find pairs that can protect you on the heaviest days of your cycle, as well as ones that just add a bit of extra support on the lighter days.

With a range of absorbent underwear on the market, there are some things to consider before you make your choice. The heaviness of your flow, how long you’re intending to wear them for, and if you’re using them in conjunction with other menstrual devices all contribute to your decision-making process. Keep scrolling through to see the best six period underwear styles as well as all the information you need to make a choice.

Able to be used alone on light period days and as a back up on heavier days, this underwear has been made from 100 percent Bamboo Viscose for softness and peace of mind.

Style: High-waisted briefs

Absorbency: Light – one and a half tampons

RRP: £32.07

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Coming in a pack of three so you have time to wash used pairs while you’re going through your cycle, this underwear has a built-in absorbing layer that is perfect for the lighter days of your cycle, as well as post-partum recovery.

If you’re experiencing a heavier flow, use other feminine hygiene products in conjunction with these period pants to ensure you’re adequately protected.

Style: Briefs

Absorbency: Light- – two tampons

RRP: £25.99

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Never stain your pants again with these period pants with built-in leak protection. Able to absorb a medium flow without ever feeling bulky, this underwear absorbs your flow behind a leak-resistant moisture barrier so you remain dry.

The inbuilt odour control neutralises unwanted smells and keeps you smelling fresh while you wear them.

Style: Hipster

Absorbency: Medium – three tampons

RRP: £27.79

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With light absorption, these period underwear are suitable for light flow days or as a backup for other feminine hygiene products.

They have also been designed to be suitable for new mothers who have just had a C-Section as they stay below the scar, mitigating the risk of irritation. The underwear comes as a handy set of three so you can always have a couple of backups on hand.

Style: Hipster

Absorbency: Light- one tampon

RRP: £20.99

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A lace waistband gives these period underwear a sexy edge, while the absorbancy is perfect for a light-medium flow.

The moisture-wicking waterproof outer layer ensures you stay dry while you wear them, and they come in a pack of three so you have backups to get you through your cycle.

Style: Briefs

Absorbency: Medium – two and a half tampons

RRP: £34.95

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Made from soft cotton and able to be worn for up to eight hours, this underwear is comfortable, breathable, and leakproof.

The back of the underwear has been designed to sit higher on the hips for added protection, perfect for sleeping in.

Style: Hipster

Absorbency: Medium – two-three tampons

RRP: £12

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