A 10-minute full-body standing Pilates workout you can do anywhere

Find it hard to fit in a full-body workout every day? Bec Chidiac, co-owner of Peaches Pilates, shares a 10-minute standing circuit you can do anywhere that’ll lengthen, strengthen and tone your entire body. 

All you’re going to need is 10 minutes with Peaches Pilates co-owner Bec Chidiac and you’ll be cooked! No equipment necessary – just grab your phone and set your time for this standing circuit that you can do anywhere.

Bec has designed this workout to have a strong focus on the legs and booty, but when done correctly by using the Peaches Pilates cues and tips – you’ll find it’s a ‘total body toning‘ workout. Get ready to burn!

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Are you in a workout rut?

10 Minutes Standing Series 

Circuit Layout:6 Exercises with 40 seconds on 10 seconds rest. Repeat twice.

Lunge With Knee Drive

Stand with your feet hip distance, engage your core by drawing your tummy in, and think about your ribs wrapping tight around you (or as we like to say: strap on your Pilates corset). Take your right leg back into a lunge position, bending both knees to 90 degrees, keep your weight loaded in the front heel. As you straighten both legs to stand, keep your weight loaded into your left heel, and bring your right knee towards your chest; then take it back to the lunge. Complete one leg per round.

Lunge, and knee! Image: supplied.

Squat and Kick 

This variation of the squat will be sure to wake up your obliques – so don’t forget about that Pilates corset. Lower down into your squat position like you’re about to sit on a chair, loading your weight into both heels. As you stand up, transfer your weight onto your right leg, extending your left leg straight and kick it out to the side. Complete one side per round.

Engage those obliques with a squat and kick! Image: supplied.

Curtsy Lunge With Knee Drive

A curtsy lunge is a great way to stabilise the hips. By holding yourself down in a curtsy position you are really able to target those glutes. Standing with your feet hip distance apart, tuck your tailbone under and stand tall. Step your left foot behind and outside your right foot, bend both knees till your left knee is just hovering off the ground. As you bring the left leg back draw it towards your chest. Try and keep a momentum going so you don’t rest with each lunge. Complete one leg per round.

Curtsy to full-body tone. Image: supplied.

Get Ups

Add some pace to this bad boy and you’ll be dying for the seconds to be over. Start on your knees, tuck your tailbone under. Step up by bringing your right foot forward and then your left, keeping the weight in your heels. Stay low in a squat position and then lower down one knee at a time. Complete by ‘getting up’ one side per round.

‘Get up’ and feel good! Image: supplied.

Crab Walks

Start in a standing position, bending your knees and pulling your tummy back towards your spine. Side step to your left, bring your heels together between each step. Take three steps to one side and then three steps to the other.

Crab walk your way to tone. Image: supplied.


Saving the best for last. Starting in a standing position and with the ball of your left foot on a disc, bend both knees. Take your hands in front of your chest, and slide your left leg back behind you until it is in full extension. Draw the leg back in so that your feet are level, repeating at a fast pace. Squeeze your abs in and draw your shoulders back. Switch legs are 45 seconds.

Scoot and tone. Image: supplied.

Bec Chidiac is the co-owner of Peaches Pilates. Connect with her on Instagram.

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