Best at-home teeth whitening kits you can buy in the UK

Feeling insecure about your smile can give anyone a crisis of confidence, as it severely impacts the way in which we interact with other people when we’re worried they’re taking note of our stained teeth. Although they probably really aren’t, and most people are too worried about themselves to pay your teeth much mind, it’s still nice to be able to go freely into the world with confidence in your dazzling smile. If coffee, tea, and red wine are starting to impact the colour of your teeth and toothpaste just isn’t cutting it, here are eight safe and effective teeth whitening kits we recommend for a noticeably whiter smile that you can buy in the UK.

This kit comes complete with all the tools you need for whiter teeth, including two syringes, a mouth tray, five blue LED lights, and a shade guide.

The special gel formula in this kit treats your teeth safely and gently, so it won’t cause any sensitivity.

RRP: £25.99

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Formulated by top UK dentists, you can have faith these whitening strips will be safe and effective.

The no-slip technology designed onto the strips means they will stay in place throughout the time you’re wearing them, making it a comfortable experience.

As the formula is peroxide and fluoride-free, these strips are ideal for everyone – even those with sensitive teeth.

RRP: £20, on sale now for £14.99

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Able to be used every day for whiter teeth in a shorter time frame, these strips are totally enamel-safe and non-toxic.

A more natural alternative to traditional teeth whitening strips, these strips use a potent blend of coconut oil, sage oil, and lemon peel oil to break up stains and leave teeth smoother and brighter looking within just a few uses.

RRP: £39.99

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Coming with whitening strips, an LED light, and whitening gel, this kit uses a two-pronged approach to teeth whitening by combining strips and gel for safe and effective stain removal.

RRP: £17.99

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Offering intense results in just a week after being worn for ten minutes a day, you’ll soon see years worth of stains lifting to reveal a brighter, whiter smile.

RRP: £24.99

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With five stars on Amazon from over 3000 reviews, this kit uses advanced teeth whitening technology to help buff away stains and revamp your smile.

The LED light and non-peroxide charcoal whitening gel work together to get your teeth up to ten shades lighter within a few weeks of use.

RRP: £25.95

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Easy, convenient, and effective, this whitening pen can be popped on morning and evening to not only instantly brighten teeth, but also work on tough stains to whiten teeth over time.

The formula is vegan and has a delicious vanilla-mint flavour that keeps breath smelling fresh throughout the day.

RRP: £20

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Infused with a powerful teeth whitening ingredient, activated charcoal, these strips provide fast-acting, noticeable stain removal after being worn for 30 minutes a day for 14 days.

RRP: £20

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