Camilla wears tartan again for most recent royal visit – is it her favourite pattern?

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has many tartan items of clothing in her wardrobe, it seems. For her latest royal visit to a vaccination centre in Wembley, London, she wore a tartan skirt. Is the Scottish print her favourite pattern?

The Duchess of Cornwall met with Steward Volunteer Responders for the NHS at the Wembley vaccination centre on Tuesday.

As well as a high-vis jacket and a blue mask like the volunteers, Camilla wore a long green and blue tartan skirt.

The Duchess paired the skirt with a dark green blazer and a white blouse.

This isn’t the first time that she has worn tartan this year, as for her first public appearance of the year with Prince Charles, she wore a blue and red tartan coat.

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Camilla wore the long coat, which features navy blue buttons and a navy blue velvet collar, for a visit to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on February 17.

The coat is designed by McQ, a diffusion line of one of the Duchess’ favourite brands of all time, Alexander McQueen.

Camilla has worn the coat several times over the past decade.

Tuesday was not the first time the Duchess wore her green tartan skirt either.


Camilla was spotted wearing the skirt while visiting the charity Ebony Horse Club in Brixton, south London, in October last year.

It seems that the Duchess recycles many of her looks, and several items are clad in tartan.

Samantha Harman, a personal stylist based in Oxford, spoke exclusively to about the Duchess’ style and, particularly, her love for tartan.

Speaking about the green tartan skirt, Samantha said: “This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this skirt, it seems to be one of the Duchess’ favourite pieces.”

Samantha said the skirt “doesn’t seem to have been named from a designer by anyone in all the times it’s been seen, and so no label could suggest it is custom made’.

The personal stylist noted that “nothing the royals wear in public is ever by chance”.

“Every detail of an outfit is thought through and conveys a message,” she said.

“Tartan has obvious significance because it represents Scotland and unity of the nations.”

Samantha speculated on Camilla’s decision on Tuesday to wear a Scottish print, saying: “This week has been a busy one in Scottish politics and, as no Royal outfit can be seen as accident, this may have played into the decision to wear the skirt again.”

The stylist also mentioned the fact that the Duchess opted to recycle an item of clothing.

She said: “As a nation we are at a time of uncertainty and re-wearing items from the wardrobe avoids criticism. We want to see that the Royal Family understands us and wearing a brand new outfit might have raised some eyebrows right now.

“The Prince of Wales is known for his passion for sustainability and has had some of the coats and clothes he wears for years and years,” Samantha added.

“We all need to be conscious of our fashion habits and the impact on the environment. Keeping and wearing an item for nine months longer reduces its environmental impact by 30 percent.”

According to Samantha, tartan is a “great” print of choice for the Duchess because it is “timeless”, and the mid-length of her skirt is “flattering on women of all ages and shapes and can be dressed up or down”.

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