Curly girl method: How to plop hair and how long for – latest TikTok trend

The next step is the fun part you will have seen over and over again on TikTok – it’s time to use the t-shirt.

Elinor said: “Use a long sleeve cotton t-shirt and gently scrunch curls in upward motion, you will hear a gratifying ‘squelch’ whilst doing it.”

After that, you’re going to wrap your head in the t-shirt. Elinor explained: “Place your long sleeve t-shirt out flat on a surface. Bend your head over, allowing your wet hair to cascade forward, then tilt your head so that the ends of your locks go towards the centre of the t-shirt.

“Then start the wrapping by taking the two corners of the t-shirt, wrapping them around the nape of your neck.

“Take the neckline of the t-shirt and pull it over your hair. Your hair should now be cupped inside the T-shirt and the arms should be free.

“Now, grab one arm with each hand, stand up straight, bring both T-shirt arms up and tie them together in a knot.”

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