Hold onto your butts, Peloton is FINALLY coming to Australia

Australia can be really advanced in some things, and unfairly behind in others: case in point Peloton, the fitness-class streaming bike that celebrities (and the Northern Hemisphere) are obsessed with. Now, it’s on its way to our shores.

If you follow Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys, Venus Williams, or countless other stars on Instagram, you’ve probably heard of Peloton; the spin and fitness class streaming bike that creates cult members out of its devotees–this unabashedly obsessed and New York-based writer included–and celebrities out of their instructors.

Taking the US, UK, and Germany by storm, Peloton counts over four million subscribers, which increased by a whopping 113 percent in the pandemic because it’ll give you a gym-level workout without having to leave your home.

Now, Peloton is FINALLY coming to Australia, marking its first foray into the Asia-Pacific region and landing in the second half of this year.

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“Health, fitness and sport is a central part of Australia’s DNA, which is why it was a natural decision to launch Peloton in Australia as our first foray into the Asia Pacific region,” said Kevin Cornils, Managing Director, International for Peloton.

The first products to launch will be the beloved Bike and Bike+, which are basically exercise bikes with a big screen on the front where you can stream, both live and on-demand, spin classes with many different instructors.

The PelotonApp will also launch, offering fitness content spanning different types of cardio (HIIT, running, walking, Bootcamp), strength training, yoga, Pilates, Barre, meditation, and stretch and recovery.

Now, the bikes aren’t exactly cheap; they’ll come in at AUD$2,895 and $3,695 for the Bike and Bike+ respectively, but take it from someone who has historically not enjoyed exercise, I’ve been a Peloton devotee for nearly two years and it’s the only workout I actually enjoy.

In the midst of the pandemic here in New York, my favourite instructor Cody Rigsby basically became my therapist and his words of encouragement (plus the wicked endorphins) helped me get through months of lockdown with mental and physical strength.

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