How does 80s-inspired aerobics at Australia’s most beautiful beaches sound?

Working out at home can be a drag because…well, it’s home, it can be boring. But what if you could be transported to some of Australia’s most beautiful locations for your workout?

Right now, Marlo Grover is travelling around Australia with her husband and two whippets. Not just for a holiday though, she’s bringing some of the country’s most beautiful spots to your screen to change how you feel about working out.

Grover is a spin instructor, classically trained dancer for the Australian Ballet and the founder of G.Pump, a fitness program designed to get you moving and put a smile on your face.

“My purpose, every day, is to get the pump squad moving their body, feeling amazing on the inside and delivering results on the out,” says Grover.

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“I’m here to prove that exercise can be different. G. Pump is changing people’s lives and that’s the reason I pull on those Lycra leotards.”

The idea came to Marlo in 2017, when she was looking for a workout without burpees (um yes hi please do go on) and that was, first and foremost, fun, which is not a word frequently associated with exercise.

“So many of my members say ‘Wow, that really worked!’ They almost can’t believe that something that enjoyable can also deliver you results.” says Grover.

But Grover also acknowledges how important working out is for the mind, too, an aspect that many of us perhaps didn’t place importance on before the pandemic.

“We know that the mental health benefits of exercise are just as important as the physical and now more than ever, looking after our emotional wellbeing is vital to stay healthy and happy,” says Grover.

“G. Pump is here for people that want to feel good. They’re looking for joyful exercise, a good boogie and a toned booty.”

So what can you expect from G.Pump’s 100+ workouts? Lots of energy, great tunes, absolutely stunning natural backdrops like the pristine beaches of Tassie, and of course, neon bodysuits synonymous with 80s aerobics. Sounds good to us.

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