I tried a workout on ré•spin, Halle Berry’s fitness platform and OMG

When our writer started her first ré•spin exercise, she thought she might just be able to do it.By the second one she realised just how Halle Berry looked so fabulous in that catsuit. Sweat and tears. 

While there is no hope in hell that I will ever be fitting into a Catwoman suit quite like Halle Berry did (at aged 41 I may add), the now 54 year old, who was once described by her trainer as having the athleticism of someone half her age, definitely has my attention in terms of fitness.

So, when I saw that the Oscar winner was now a wellness entrepreneur, recently teaming up with her long-time trainer, Peter Lee Thomas to create a wellness platform, ré•spin I knew I had to give it a whirl.

Launched on the FitOn app, the fully free digital fitness platform includes a variety of celebrity trainers including Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough, as well as a huge range of tailored workouts for every fitness level and goal.

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Berry says that “ré•spin was created to provide broader access to health and wellness content and products through inclusivity and conversation. With roots in discovery and learning, the heart of ré•spin is its global community connected around the core belief of a holistic mind, body and soul approach to wellness.” And that, I can get on board with.

With the key idea to “challenge what you know,” Berry definitely leads by example, explaining in her introduction to the platform about her diabetes diagnosis at aged 19 which saw her have to “ré•spin” her old habits, including her ways of eating and exercising to become healthier. Utilising this idea within the model, it really puts the ownership on you (which let’s be honest it really the only way health and fitness can successfully be done).

There is a selection of workouts to choose from. From martial arts, strength and toning, to cardio workouts that can be done pretty much wherever you are. Handy.

Being the uncoordinated person that I am, I decided to give the ré•spin That Body – a 16 minute 2 out of 3 intensity workout a try. The workout was described as strength and cardio, with a bit of HIIT (nothing too coordination heavy I thought), plus what can go wrong in 16 minutes?!

Here’s how it went…

Berry and her trainer/fitness guru, Peter Lee Thomas start by providing the overall workout method, 16 minutes to complete three rounds of four exercises which each have ten repetitions. The aim is to do each exercise in one minute. The quicker you do each lot of reps, the more rest you get before you start the next exercise.

From the intro I thought to myself, “oh that seems achievable” but that was before all the exercises were revealed…

It began with squats

Now squats are not everyone’s friend. I get that. I however don’t mind them, so this exercise was okay by me and I held my dumbbell along with my new fitspo friends Halle and Pete and together we did these squats, smiling all the way. At the end I was feeling pretty good, I even had a fleeting thought that maybe, just maybe I could be getting my Catwoman on.

Push-ups and climbers combo were next

But then we got to number two. Upper strength and coordination are not my strong suits, so this combination of both wasn’t ideal. In fact, even watching Halle Berry do these climbers was exhausting and by the end of this, my heart rate was, well let’s just say…very high.

Then W press with dumbbells

After a general explanation of how to do this exercise, Peter comments that “this is a working set.” Which immediately has me concerned. But then Halle jokingly replies, “I love when he says it’s a ‘working set,’ it’s all a working set if you ask me,” and I have never loved this woman more. Because yep, I agree. It burns. It all burns.

Fourth and final exercise of the round – Tomic Jacks (aka star jumps)

Not only does this include the normal kind but also an ‘airborne’ version which shows that Halle is apparently like some sort of beautiful, Giselle, kangaroo hybrid and that I am not.

Also, on a side note my pelvic floor not quite ready for this.

After three rounds of these and watching the heart rate intensity go up and calories being burned steadily rising on the little meters on screen (approximately 140 by the end), it shows that 16 minutes is definitely ample time to get things happening. Things like an abundance of sweat, and inability to talk and breathe simultaneously.

But you know what? If ré•spin gets my 36-year-old body looking more like Halle’s then I am keeping with it. Plus, did I mention it’s free?

Shona Hendley is a freelance writer and ex-secondary school teacher. You can follow her on Instagram: @shonamarion.

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