Kate Middleton jewellery: Duchess has special ruby ring worth £35,000 – ‘elegant’

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, often wears different pieces of jewellery with her outfits, from both high-end designers as well as high-street labels. One ring in her collection is thought to be worth a huge £35,000 according to one expert.

“The setting is elegant and really helps the stone to stand proud in the ring with a simple diamond set band accentuating the ruby even more.”

As well as her ruby ring, the Duchess also has a ruby stone necklace as well as ruby drop earrings.

The set is not thought to be part of the royal collection, although the Queen has similar pieces in her collection including her stunning Burmese tiara.

Kate will often match her jewellery with her accessories, making sure they match colour or style.

Previously belonging to Princess Diana, the engagement ring featured a 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by a whopping 14 solitaire diamonds.

Prince Charles presented Diana with the ring when they got engaged and it was inherited by Prince William when his mother passed away.

The royal jewel was thought to have cost around £30,000 but is now valued by experts at a huge £400,000.

Kate Middleton pairs her engagement ring with her wedding band and will only ever take it off for visits like hospital ones.

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