Kate Middleton news: Duchess has £3,000 bracelet from Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Since the big day, the mother-of-three has continued to impress royal fans with her iconic jewellery collection.

This includes a bracelet which she reportedly received from Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on her wedding day.

It was first spotted on Kate a couple of months after the wedding, Nick Withington, Managing Director of jeweller William May, explained.

He said: “Camilla is thought to have presented the bracelet to Kate as a wedding gift. 


“She was first pictured wearing the bracelet in June 2011, two months after her wedding to Prince William.”

At first glance, the timeless bracelet consists of a gold chain with a circular charm hanging from it.

However, on closer inspection it becomes clear the jewel is from Camilla.

The Duchess of Cornwall appeared to have personalised the chain for her daughter-in-law.

If it was to go on the market, however, the expert suggested it could fetch an impressive sum of money.

Nick explained the bracelet could be worth as much as £3,000.

“[It is] a timeless classic that is on-trend for today,” he concluded.

“It’s approximate current valuation is £2,995.”

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