Kate Middleton style: Duchess of Cambridge sported ‘off-duty’ look in Clapham

Kate Middleton, 39, was filmed walking along the Common, where thousands of flowers and cards have been laid at various tribute sites in memory of Sarah Everard. Kate also put down flowers at the park’s bandstand to pay her respects to Sarah.

According to royal insiders, the Duchess wanted to make the personal visit as she remembers what it was like walking around London at night before she became a member of the royal family.

Despite not wearing a mask and therefore allowing the world to clearly see her, the Duchess wore a casual outfit and little make-up.

She was seemingly alone, without any security, as she paid her respects to Sarah first and foremost as a woman, and not as a Duchess or wife to a prince.

Kate attempted to fit in with the crowd by wearing a laid-back outfit in neutral colours.

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Personal stylist and fashion expert Samantha Harman commented on Kate’s casual look, noting that her style was deliberate as the Duchess wanted to go “unnoticed”.

She said: “This is very much an off duty look and it’s clear the Duchess wasn’t looking for attention.

“She was there as a woman, specifically a woman who used to walk through the streets of London, to pay her respects,” Samantha added.

“From the footage, she didn’t seem to have much of a security detail and wanted to go unnoticed, hence the neutral tones of the outfit.”

Samantha said that the murder of Sarah Everard has “impacted all women”, as well as Kate, and even her choice of clothing yesterday suggested this.

She said: “For her to feel compelled to go there, as a woman, shows this is an issue that goes right to the heart of our society.

“As the sign the Duchess stopped by said, we are all Sarah,” she added.

“No amount of titles or palaces or jewels stop women from understanding what it’s like to live in a world made for men.”

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