Kate Middleton’s £35,000 ring is a ‘step away’ from ‘traditional’ jewellery worn by royals

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has jewellery pieces with sentimental value and others with a rich history. The royal has also incorporated more affordable pieces into her collection in the last couple of years with pieces from high-street brands like Missoma and Monica Vinader. How much is her ruby ring worth?

Kate will usually dress up her outfits with pieces from her jewellery collection whether that be a ring, necklace or bracelet.

While the Duchess is no stranger to lavish jewellery, she rarely wears lots of pieces at once.

When Prince William proposed to Kate, she was given a sapphire engagement ring which she wears with her gold wedding band.

This is the only piece of jewellery that the Duchess will rarely take off.

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Kate will also often match her jewellery or outfits to the places she visits.

Roseanna added: “She is thought to have worn it paired with a white Alexander McQueen peplum dress as a nod to the colours of the Polish flag when she was on tour with her family in Poland.”

She debuted the ring in Poland and has only worn it a handful of times since.

For her visit to Warsaw, she also added a red velvet clutch to the look, a similar colour to the special ring.

While the make of the ring is unknown, the Duchess also has a ruby necklace and bracelet in her collection which she often wears together.

It is thought to be very similar to the Burmese Ruby tiara which is a special piece in the Queen’s collection.

The Burmese Ruby is just one of the tiaras worn by the current monarch and it was created using stones from another that had been dismantled.

The original tiara was from Cartier that was given to the Queen by Nizam of Hyderabad as a wedding gift.

In the early 1970s, she had the tiara dismantled but the diamonds were used to make the ruby tiara that she wears today.

She also kept the detachable brooches and necklaces that came as part of the set.

The new ruby tiara was made by Garrard in 1973 and the Queen has worn it at several state dinners and engagements, although she has not worn it for a few years.

It is thought that Kate’s set is very similar to that of the Queen’s, showing a subtle nod to the monarch from the Duchess.

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