Kayla Itsines post workout snack: sardines on toast

The fitness legend also shares her workout music preferences and biggest tips for finding motivation. 

It can be hard to know what to eat after a workout. The resounding answer is ‘protein, protein, protein’, but you don’t always feel like a tonne of chicken after a sweat sesh.

So we decided to ask workout extraordinaire Kayla Itsines what her go-to is – and it is certainly a divisive choice.

If you’re trying to get on the workout bandwagon once more, Itsines has just expanded the offering on her app Sweat.

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It has four new high intensity programs, ranging from beginner to advanced, so women can choose the program that suits their needs:

  • Beginner: HIIT with Monica (Monica Jones)
  • Intermediate: HIIT Cardio and Abs with Kayla (Kayla Itsines)
  • Intermediate: HIIT Barre with Britany (Britany Williams)
  • Advanced: Full Body HIIT with Chontel (Chontel Duncan)

The workouts can be done in 20-35 minutes and can be completed from home or in the gym.

So, guess that means it’s time to slap on our activewear and get sweaty.

What’s your favourite post-workout snack?

It really depends on what time I’m working out.

If I train in the morning, I’ll have a piece of toast with sardines (I know it might be an unpopular opinion but I love sardines), before lunch I’ll have sushi or pasta and if I train at night it’s normally once my daughter Arna has gone to bed so I’ll just reach for some greek yoghurt.

What is your favourite song to workout to? The one that pumps you up every time?

There are so many songs that I love, I have a bunch of playlists on Spotify which I always put on to get me pumped for my workouts.

When I’m training I often listen to a soundcloud mix so there are transitions between songs. Sometimes I find when the music stops, I stop too so a long music track is the best way to keep me moving.

Your biggest tip for finding motivation to workout when you can’t be bothered?

Motivation is what’s going to get you started but it can be fleeting so my tip is not to rely on motivation when it comes to exercise, rather focus on discipline.

Schedule in your workouts like an important appointment so even on the days you don’t feel like it, you will show up because you know making your health a priority is going to make you feel better, stronger and more confident.

What’s better, a 20 minute HIIT class or a 40 minute run?

It ultimately depends on what you want to achieve and your fitness goals.

Finding a style of training that works for you and your lifestyle is really important – the best workout is the one you enjoy, leaves you feeling confident, strong and moves you towards your goals.

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