Lamborghini is going electric with new GT

Lamborghini is known for its screaming V10 and V12 gas-burning engines, but it has finally succumbed to the siren song of electric power.

The exotic performance car brand has announced plans to electrify its entire lineup by 2024 and launch a fully electric model this decade.

CEO Stephan Winkelmann said Tuesday that the current lineup of Huracan, Aventador and Urus will feature hybrid powertrains by 2024 that will reduce the company’s vehicular CO2 output by 50 percent.

The Lamborghini Sian was the brand's first hybrid model.

The Lamborghini Sian was the brand’s first hybrid model.

Lamborghini’s only hybrid models to date were the limited production Sian coupe and convertible, which featured combined a V12 engine and supercapacitor-powered electric motor to provide a combined 819 hp. Lamborghini built just 63 coupes and 19 convertibles, which were all sold out for approximately $3.5 million each.

The hybrids will then be followed at an unspecified date by its first electric model, which will take the form of a four-seater 2+2 GT coupe, Winkelmann told Autocar. 

“If we speak about a two-door four-seater, it will be something in between our current models. It’s not going to be the volumes of a super-sports car, but it’s not going to be the [higher] volumes of the Urus,” Winkelmann said.

Lamborghini sold 7,430 cars worldwide in 2020, including 4,391 Urus SUVs.

Ferrari has also confirmed plans to introduce its first all-electric model by 2025.


Lamborghini, which is part of the VW Group that is in the process of a major transition to electric vehicles, said it will spend $1.5 billion on the new project, which will share technology with its sister brands.

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