Louisiana man starts ‘Gorilla Glue Challenge,’ ends up in hospital: report

A Louisiana man who was suspicious of recent reports about a woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair reportedly ended up in a hospital after gluing a Solo cup to his lip.

The Biloxi Sun Herald reported that Len Martin took to social media to explain that he was at a hospital and doctors were talking about “cutting the tips of my lips off in surgery.”

“Y’all pray for me,” he posted.

Tessica Brown, who is also from Louisiana, made headlines after using the glue to style her hair. She originally shared her story on TikTok, which was viewed more than 24 million times. The company has issued statements warning people about its product.


Brown, who referred to herself as “Gorilla Glue girl” on YouTube, alleged that she hadn’t been able to remove the glue since spraying it on her ‘do “about a month” before seeking help at the hospital over the weekend. 

Martin told WVLA-TV that doctors have already tried a “painful peeling.”

“This is not a challenge you want to try,” he said.

Fox News’ Michael Bartiromo contributed to this report

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