Move to feel better with yoga flow

With so many fancy, exotic names associated with yoga practices it can be super-hard finding the right class for you. Flow yoga, also called ‘Vinyasa’, is known for its breath-synchronized movements keeping you moving from one pose to another, seamlessly. Instructor, Emma Maidment, keeps the flow of movement smooth and continuous, which can help you stay present during the session especially if you find your mind wanders off easily.

About this class

In part two of the three-part yoga series, Emma focuses on movement through yoga flow. By synchronizing breath and body movements, this class is designed to get you out of your head and into your body. Apart from being a physically challenging and rewarding workout, it also helps increase mental focus and concentration. Emma says “this practice of yoga goes far beyond just the physical, we’re able to connect with ourselves through the breath and through the movement to experience ourselves on a much deeper level.”

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