Queen Elizabeth II jewellery: ‘Versatile’ pearl necklace she has ‘favoured since marriage’

Queen Elizabeth has worn pearls since she was very young. In fact, the first photo of the current monarch wearing pearls was when she was just three-years-old. She has worn them ever since and continues to favour her three-strand pearl necklace over any other.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Dijay Soni from Avita Jewellery, explained: “Pearls are versatile accessories to any outfit.

“Quality, natural pearls have an amazing silky texture making them very comforting to wear. 

“There is something very soothing about them. Have you noticed how women often play and feel a pearl necklace around their neck? The sheerness reflects so beautifully on any skin tone making them a staple accessory to an outfit.

“I believe this is how it began, tradition then formed from this. Pearls became the go to jewels for the elite and royalty. The Queen has a strong family history of women wearing pearls. Her Mother, her Grandmother – a lady simply should wear pearls and this is the tradition she maintains.”

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The royal has pearl earrings as well as bracelets and some brooches even feature pearls too.

The Queen is also thought to have several versions of the same pearl necklace.

According to Leslie Field, author of The Queen’s Jewels, the first necklace was a gift from her grandfather, George V, for this Silver Jubilee in 1935.

He gave her a three-strand necklace of even-sized pearls, while Margaret received a double-strand of pearls.

The second one is the one she wears the most, and it was made in 1952 after she came to the throne.

It consists of cream family pearls which graduate in size, and fastened at the back by a small diamond clasp.

The Queen rarely swaps her pearls out for anything else, and has worn other necklaces from her collection on special occasions like birthdays and formal events.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Maggie Calmels, founder and Creative Director of Licensed to Charm, shared how the royal has favoured pearls since her marriage to Prince Philip.

She said: “A symbol of purity and known as the ‘Queen of Gems’ the pearl is the ultimate in understated elegance.

“The Queen has favoured pearls since her wedding day to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in November 1947 when she wore two very special strings. 

“These wedding gifts from her mother and father had a unique provenance; one had belonged to the last Stuart monarch, Queen Anne, and the other to Queen Caroline, the wife of King George II.

“The royal wedding began a fashion for short single or double pearl strings, and while previously ‘Grandmother’s pearls’ had been largely the preserve of the rich and powerful, imitation and cultured ‘real’ pearls made the style available to all.

“While fashions have changed, the Queen has retained her own style and continues the tradition of wearing pearls every day as her mother and grandmother did before her.”

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