Royal watches: Prince William has £3k sentimental watch from Princess Diana

Members of the Royal Family have some of the most expensive and luxurious pieces of jewellery in the world. The Queen herself is thought to have more than 100 brooches that she wears for royal engagements. For Prince William, he sticks to one watch that has huge sentimental meaning behind it. 

The dial is also covered in sapphire crystal as well as being resistant to scratches.

It is also thought to have a price tag of around £3,000 which is quite expensive for a watch. 

Like William, Kate Middleton also doesn’t switch out her watches all too often.

The Duchess tends to stick to her classic Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.

The piece retails for around £5,5000 and has Roman numerals on the face as well as sword-shaped hands and a sapphire crystal bracelet.

Kate’s beautiful watch matches her sapphire engagement ring perfectly.

The 33mm is in stainless steel, which matches the majority of her jewellery collection although she has been seen wearing a lot more gold pieces recently.

Kate will dress the watch up for more formal occasions as well as dress it down with jeans and jumpers.

Prince William is thought to have bought Kate the watch as a gift.

Princess Diana was also a huge fan of Cartier and had watches from the brand in her collection.

When Princess Diana passed away in August 1997, William and his brother Prince Harry had the option to take a piece of jewellery from her collection to remember her by.

William chose his mother’s gold Cartier Tank Francaise watch.

The piece has a square face and gold bracelet style strap, and retails at around £6,250.

It was thought that Diana was given the watch by her father, so it is no surprise that William opted for a Cartier watch to give to his wife.

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