Susanna Reid: Good Morning Britain presenter flaunts new hair – ‘You look fantastic’

Susanna pointed out her new look at Adil as they chatted about interviewing Line of Duty actor Adrian Dunbar. Adil asked Susanna: “Will you be interrogating him with your acronyms and abbreviations and things like that?”

“With my new hair,” Susanna replied.

When Adil claimed he was about to compliment Susanna on the new look she said: “You’re like one of the blokes when someone comes back from the hairdressers and they don’t notice the hair. Adil I’m so disappointed.”

Adil replied: “I was comnig to that, you look fantastic.”

“Well, thank you very much, it’s not like I forced you to say it or anything,” Susanna said.

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“Hair no longer looks like this,” she told fans on the social media platform.

Fans praised the new look on Twitter this morning.

One wrote: “Don’t Susanna look simply magnificent? Her hair looks so fabulous.”

“Susanna Reid is effortlessly beautiful,” one remarked.

Susanna has opened up on struggling with her weight during the coronavirus lockdown, describing herself as hitting a “lockdown slump” and gaining around one stone.

What is Susanna Reid’s net worth? 

Susanna has a whopping net worth of 7.3million, according to

It’s an impressive sum that the presenter has accumulated over the years thanks to her TV appearances, most notably as a presenter on Good Morning Britain.

Although it has never been disclosed, Celeb Worth said that Susanna’s annual salary at ITV could be upwards of £750,000 a year.

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