The best glow-enhancing LED face masks for every budget

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Chrissie Teigan, and Emma Stone are adopting LED face masks into their skincare routines en masse, which has led to an increase in curiosity about this strange-looking face wear.

While in times gone by you’d have to go into a salon to indulge in light therapy treatment, technology has improved so that you can perform these treatments on yourself from home. The masks are perfectly safe to use when used correctly and can impart benefits that traditional skincare alone just can’t.

LED masks are a non-invasive skincare treatment that delivers different wavelengths of light in order to add radiance and address specific skin concerns. The kinds of light most commonly found in these masks are blue, yellow, red, and green, which can target everything from acne breakouts to fine lines and wrinkles, to pigmentation, to collagen production.

While these masks are traditionally fairly expensive, as they have increased in popularity there has been an increase in more accessible options. For safe and effective LED face masks that fall into budget-friendly, mid-range, and investment price categories, keep scrolling.

Budget-friendly LED Mask

Loveka LED light therapy acne and brightening mask

Three different light settings – red, blue, and yellow – work to target different skin concerns such as fine lines, acne, collagen production, and pore size.

As this is the most budget-friendly option on this list by quite a stretch, it won’t have as much of an impact as some of the more expensive options on the market, but as it currently has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon from 261 ratings it is safe to say it has been well received by users.

RRP: £25.89

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Middle of the range LED masks

SENSSE Professional LED Light Therapy Face Mask

This LED light therapy mask by SENSSE is one of the most sought after in the UK.

The 90 LED lights in the mask omit at different levels in order to address skin concerns such as improving blood circulation, wrinkle reduction, pimples, and age spots.

The soft silicone face mask is easy to use and gives a noticeable improvement after four weeks of regular use.

RRP: £130

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Boots’ own No7 launched their own LED face mask and it has impressed customers greatly.

Powered by red and near infra-red LED lights, the mask delivers painless wavelengths to target multiple signs of ageing and revitalise skin.

After a few weeks of using this mask, you can expect to see a more radiant complexion, a reduction in fine lines, a more even skin tone, and skin that looks plumper.

RRP: £150

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WrinkLit LED Mask

This baby pink LED mask has been designed to cater to those with a hectic lifestyle who don’t have time for in-salon LED treatments.

The wireless mask delivers blue, orange, and red light therapy to help imbue your skin with a distinct glow, and a noticeable reduction in acne, redness, and dullness.

RRP: £100

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Investment LED masks

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

This mask by Dr Dennis Gross is one of the most prolific and talked about LED masks on the market, and created a huge buzz when it first launched.

The mask has medical-grade LED lights in red, to stimulate collagen production, and blue to firm skin and clear up any breakouts.

Due to the powerful nature of the LED lights, you only have to wear the mask for three minutes at a time, making it super easy to work into your nightly skincare routine.

RRP: £430

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Déesse Professional LED Mask Next Generation

For those who are willing to invest in order to get one of the most powerful options on the market, this is the mask for you.

Adored by celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, this high-powered LED mask harnesses four distinctly different wavelengths to deliver an array of different skincare benefits.

The safe, painless mask offers six different treatments using 770 medical-grade LEDs that work to improve the appearance of dark spots, scars, breakouts and stimulate collagen production.

RRP: £1,680

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