The biggest myth about weight training you shouldn’t fall for

When you think of weight training, you probably think of ‘leg day’ and bulky dudes in spaghetti string tank tops. Not so fast, says model Laura Dundovic. 

Contrary to what many women think, weight training doesn’t always lead to big and bulky muscles.

“Weights won’t make you chunky unless you want them to,” explains model and TV presenter Laura Dundovic.

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“Heavy weights and low reps will increase muscle mass, but high reps and lighter weights will help with muscle endurance and toning.”

The former Miss Universe Australia tells Body+Soul she’s lifting weights now so they pay so in her senior years.

“We all get old, and when I’m older I want to be able to carry groceries, pick up my grandkids and jump on a plane – and not be in pain,” she says.

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