Three F-45 approved hacks guaranteed to get you fit

We all know just how hard it can be to get back into the swing of things, fitness-wise, at the beginning of any year – but especially this year. F45 Athletic Team manager Lauren Vickers shares her best motivation tips for jumping back on the fitness wagon in 2021.

Somehow we are already into February (!), and some of us may be checking in on (or questioning) those New Year’s resolutions we made as we made our way (perhaps slightly bewildered) into 2021.

So how are you tracking? Don’t worry if you’re not feeling the same spark of excitement that you usually have going into a fresh year – it’s been a weird time for us all, and some of us are still adjusting to our new normal.

If January 2021 wasn’t the greatest motivational month you’ve had in a long time, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are three things you can do every single day to put the spark back into your fitness routine (*hint* just get started).

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1. Consistency over quality

There are very few of us who bounce out of bed at 5am everyday bursting with energy to go for an hour-long run. Those who love exercise as part of a daily routine started off in the same way that most of us do – feeling a little flat and unmotivated until one random day when we just decided to take the first step and then repeated that consistently.

Commit to the first 15 minutes of exercise each day and you’re likely to keep going. It could be anything from a walk, a simple yoga flow, picking up a set of dumbbells and busting out a few sets of 12 reps over three exercises.

Chances are that the extra blood flow and supply of endorphins will help spur you on – then simply rinse and repeat. Before you know it, you won’t feel yourself without your morning sweat sesh! Even on the days when you know that you haven’t achieved your best work, you’ll still feel better that you gave it a go, and the next day will become a little easier to feel back on track.

2. That new feeling

It may seem somewhat materialistic, but occasionally it can be helpful to try something new to bring back the spark into your workout life. It could be kitting yourself out with a new pair of kicks, some new activewear, a shiny new fitness tracker or even trying out a new class to get excited about your new workout routine and capitalise on the momentum.

Learn the details or technical aspects of whatever new thing you’re trying (it may be a sweat wicking fabric, having comfy activewear that gives you way more confidence even in your low squats, or tracking your heart rate and calories with your new Fitbit or Apple Watch) and you’re bound to be more invested in your activities.

3. Find a wingman

It’s much harder to back out of a session last minute if you know your workout buddy is counting on you, and it can make things a lot less daunting and much more enjoyable when you can enjoy an activity with someone else.

Ask a friend to try out an F45 class with you, ask your colleague to do a walking meeting instead of sitting in a boardroom, or invite some family members to come along and do a weekly PT session so that you can work on your fitness together and split the cost.

We’ve all experienced our fair share of loneliness and isolation last year, this is a great way to enjoy some regular time together where you do something positive for your bodies and leave feeling connected, refreshed and excited for the next time.

Lauren Vickers is the Athletic Team Manager for F45.

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