Want to make your workout more enjoyable? Drink pink

Colours have an incredible power to evoke certain emotions. But new research says they could even impact our workouts for the better.

Here’s a fact that will make you question everything you ever knew about the world: Rainbow Paddlepops aren’t actually rainbow flavoured. They’re plain old caramel.

But the very nature of their appearance evokes childlike whimsy even in us grown adults, showing just how impactful colour can be on our emotions and mood.

Red is frequently associated with danger and passion, but it also is said to make you hungry which is why so many fast-food outlets (I simply REFUSE to call them restaurants) use it in their obnoxious signage.

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A new study suggests that pink, specifically drinking a pink-coloured beverage, may make your workout more enjoyable and actually improve your performance.

Research out of the UK’s Centre for Nutraceuticals at the University of Westminster found that just rinsing your mouth with “a pink non-caloric, artificially sweetened solution” improved test subjects’ running speed, distance covered and “feelings of pleasure” over a 30-minute run.

They have theorised that this is because the body associates pink with sweetness and sort of trick the body into thinking it’s consuming carbohydrates that give you energy.

It’s important to note that this study only examined how rinsing the mouth would impact exercise, the participants didn’t actually drink the stuff.

“The influence of colour on athletic performance has received interest previously, from its effect on a sportsperson’s kit [uniform] to its impact on testosterone and muscular power,” Dr. Sanjoy Deb, corresponding author on the paper, said in the news release.

“Similarly, the role of colour in gastronomy has received widespread interest, with research published on how visual cues or colour can affect subsequent flavour perception when eating and drinking.”

He concluded: “The findings from our study combine the art of gastronomy with performance nutrition, as adding a pink colorant to an artificially-sweetened solution not only enhanced the perception of sweetness, but also enhanced feelings of pleasure, self-selected running speed, and distance covered during a run.”

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