Where sexual assault forensic exams are available in your state

How NBC News did it

Reporters contacted every statewide coalition against sexual assault, state agencies, law enforcement offices, university training programs and dozens of program coordinators and individual examiners in an effort to understand the availability of sexual assault forensic exams around the country, first in December 2019, then in June 2020.

That availability varies widely state to state, as does the structure of training programs, laws and government oversight. Most states did not have regularly updated databases tracking where SANEs work and what facilities have programs. NBC News consulted advocates and administrators in states with minimal tracking on how best to map what is known about the state’s resources. A summary of each state’s services and any additional notes on how data was collected appears with each state.

Alexa Keyes, Catie Beck, Samantha Wei, Samantha Springer, Kara Stevick, Merritt Enright and Brenda Breslauer contributed.

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