Why the Royals wear pearls: The jewels are ‘versatile’ and first gift ever given to Queen

Charlotte also commented on Her Majesty’s pearl earrings, saying: “The Queen is known to adore her pearl earrings, known as Queen Mary’s Button Earrings, originally given to her by her grandmother Queen Mary in 1947.

“She has been seen wearing them on numerous occasions from as early as the 1950s all the way to Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015.”

As well as being seen in pearl stud earrings, the Duchess of Cambridge also owns pearl-drop earrings, not unlike the pair Princess Diana wore with her black “revenge dress”.

Kate’s earrings are by London-based jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas, but the Duchess has also borrowed the Queen’s Bahrain pearl drop earrings in the past.

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