5 best exercises to do if you HATE burpees

Fitness expert reveals how to get your heart rate up and tone your entire body without having to do a single burpee. 

Let’s face it, who doesn’t hate burpees? If you’re not a fan of the killer move but still want to get the same effects, let’s think about what a burpee does and how we can achieve it without actually doing one.

Burpees definitely get your heart rate up and load up your legs, chest, shoulders, triceps and core.

Here are five alternative exercises that will work as may major muscle groups as possible, all while skyrocketing that heart rate like a traditional burpee.

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5 best exercises to do if you HATE burpees

1. Couch push-ups into high knee taps

You can do this exercise using a park bench or a couch. Start in a high plank position with your hands on the couch/bench. Do a push-up, keeping your core tight and your back in a straight line from head to toe. Once you’ve done a push-up, jump your legs in and stand up. Do four high knee touches (lifting your knees up and touching your toes on the couch or bench). Get back down into high plank position to do another push-up and the repeat.

2. Alternating lunge jumps

A classic burner. Start in a split stance position with your hands on your hips. Keep your torso upright and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Push off the ground to jump explosively into the air switching the position of your legs in mid-air. Land softly in the lunge position with the opposite leg forward.

3. Squat jumps

You don’t get the upper body benefit of a squat jump like you do with a burpee but it still loads your lower body, works your core and elevates your heart rate. They’re just like a traditional squat but add an explosive jump as you come up. Use the power in your legs as you jump up but focus on landing softly to lower back down into a squat position.

4. Dumbbell thrusters

A full body move that you can make even more difficult by gradually increasing your weight. Hold one dumbbell in each hand with the weights by your shoulders and your palms facing inwards. Lower into a squat, then push up while pressing the weights straight up overhead until your arms are fully extended. Lower the dumbbells back down by your shoulders and repeat.

5. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers tick the core, lower body and upper body box and will have your heart racing in o time. Start in a high plank position with your hands positioned directly under your shoulders. Bring your left knee in towards your chest, swap legs and bring the right knee in towards your chest. Switch between the two at a quick pace.

And there you have it! Some ripping guaranteed to burn like a burpee without all the up-down.

Sam Wood is the founder of 28 by Sam Wood. Follow him on Instagram @samjameswood.

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