5 most effective exercises that’ll cut your workout time in half

Fitness expert Sam Wood reveals the best bang for your buck exercise moves that’ll have you burning twice as many calories in half the time. 

If you want to get the same results in half the time, there are a few different ways you can shake up your workout.

Some ways include adding more resistance, more reps, higher intensity, shorter recovery periods or simply better choice of exercise.

When you’re trying to get as much bang for your buck as possible, challenging exercises that use the big muscles will achieve this.

Here are five of my favourite functional, full-body moves that – with the right resistance and reps – are guaranteed to give you a great workout.

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5 most effective exercises that’ll cut your workout time in half

Here are 5 of my favourite bang for your buck exercises…

1. Burpees with push-up

Not the most popular of exercises but certainly one of the most effective! Work your arms, back, core, chest, legs and glutes with the exercise guaranteed to get your heart racing.

2. Deadlifts

If you want to work your posterior chain, deadlifts are the go-to exercise. Deadlifts work multiple muscles and joints, burning plenty of calories. Whether you make them more difficult with high reps or high weight, deadlifts are the King of lifts.

3. Resistance boxing

Choose a challenging weight that you can still box with in front of the body. Challenge yourself to keep the speed high and keep your hands up even as you start to fatigue. It’s a bicep burner and guaranteed to have you huffing and puffing.

4. Squat & press

Together, these two moves are unbeatable. It’s such a great compound exercise. Whether you use dumbbells, weight plates, a barbell or a kettlebell, you’ll be working your upper and lower body with one exercise.

5. Walking lunges

A great unilateral movement that challenges your stability and puts your lower body through its paces. Adding resistance makes this move even more difficult, burning more calories as your body works harder to stay balanced.

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