5 motivation hacks experts use to get back to their healthy habits

Shake off those low-energy vibes and get motivated again with expert tips from Australia’s most successful (and upbeat!) trainers and mental coaches.

Spring may have officially sprung (hooray!), however it can be hard to pull ourselves out of that winter-weary mood and get back to the healthy habits that once felt so effortless. Whether it’s the little things like meal prepping on a Sunday, or actually showing up to your weekly yoga class (which can be surprisingly hard if you’re doing them at-home…), there’s a mind shift that has to happen before you can fully commit to your healthier, pre-COVID ways.

Now, imagine for a second it’s your job to be fit and active, with hundreds if not thousands of loyal client or followers on social media relying on you to pull them out of their own lack-of-motivation rut? Terrifying, huh? We tapped some of Australia’s most influential trainers and mental coaches to share the tips and tricks that they use to brush off those low-energy vibes and bound into each and every day.

Listen and learn…

#1: Commit for just five minutes

Sam Wood, founder 28 by Sam Wood

“One of my favourite ways to look at things is with the understanding that motivation almost always comes after action. So if you’re sitting around waiting for motivation to hit, chances are you you’ll just keep sitting there. I’ve never done five minutes of a workout and not had the endorphins kick in and the desire to keep going. So, just commit to five minutes of your workout. More often than not, you will want to keep going until you’re finished.”

#2. Do the opposite

Lyndsay Perlman, clinical psychologist at Infocus Psychology

“Basically use a simple yet effective skill called doing ‘opposite action of emotion’ meaning doing the opposite of how you feel. Doing this will take the edge off you feeling flat, and give you the endorphins boost/release that you need – which will inevitable lift your mood.”

#3. Focus on your breath

Luke McLeod, meditation teacher and founder of SoulAlive

“For me, a quick two to five minute breathing meditation where I intently focus on the feeling and effects of the air entering in and out of my body is a great little mental exercise I do if I’m feeling sluggish and unmotivated. It snaps me into a clear and more energised state – ready to get done whatever needs to be done.”

#4. Watch your self-talk

Libby Babet, founder of The Upbeat

“At a time like this, it’s crucial to watch your self talk. Something I learned from world champion surfer, Layne Beachley, is whatever I say after the words “I AM” is powerful. If I wake up saying “I AM” tired, sluggish, worried, overwhelmed, etc then that tends to define my day. Flipping those thoughts around to thoughts like, “I AM healthy and happy” or, “I AM fit and strong” or, “I AM energised to lead this workout” or, “I AM grateful for my career/daughter/husband/lifestyle”, or “I AM going to prioritise my work effectively today” is a small but powerful tool that has a huge impact on my day.”

#5. Start early

Ben Lucas, director at Flow Athletic

“I suggest doing your workout first thing in the morning, so you don’t have time to know if you are feeling flat or not. That way the workout can also boost your energy for the rest of the day. Another suggestion is to start by doing some star jumps, a brisk walk in the fresh air or something to get your heart rate up and dust off the cobwebs. Then, start your workout once you are feeling a bit more lively.”

Fast-track your motivation

Need a little bit more to motivate you out the door and into your workout? Try these easy fixes. They may err on the side of bribery, but hey, if it works… it works!

New kicks

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Hands-free headphones

Whether you’re heading out for a run, or tuning in for an at-home HIIT session, life is easier without cords to tangle you up. Get a noise cancelling pair and you’ll be able to block out any distractions – quite literally. Bonus? These can be personalised with your initials, your phone number (because, who hasn’t lost a pair in the past), or if you’re feeling ~really~ motivated your favourite motivational quote. Just do it.

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Some post-workout self care:

Adding a little luxuriation to your post-workout routine might just be the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re mid-rep of what feels like the 100th burpee. Mecca’s recently released Athletica range is designed especially for those who work out, and this fresh body wash will keep your skin smooth and bump-free thanks to it’s AHA/PHA blend.

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A tasty post-workout snack:

Ensuring you fuel your body properly after a workout is just as important as fuelling it properly before hand. Double points if what you’re eating is tasty too! Look for high protein snacks that won’t undo you hard work, and joint-repairing nutrients like collagen.

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