A 15-minute energising Pilates workout to do first thing in the morning

Mentally and physically set yourself up for the day ahead by doing this invigorating 15-minute at-home Pilates session from Peaches Pilates founder Tori Clapham.

If you want to work on sculpting that booty, those arms and perfecting that posture, just hit play on this workout video, which will also give you a kick of endorphins.

If you don’t have a pilates ball on hand, don’t fret! Grab a tea towel and fold it four times to make a nice wedge and you’re good to go. Using a towel or a ball in these Pilates moves will help keep your form on point, meaning faster results and a bigger burn.

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In this video we start out with leg extensions before progressing into oil rigger, a move that works the upper body, and abs.

It’s then time to work that toosh! The first booty move is aimed at total body toning, doing side kneeling leg openers, which targets the waist and the upper body as you start to zone in on the glutes – finishing with some beautiful extension work that’ll leave you shaking.

We then move into a clam and horse kick series to really isolate the booty – be ready to burn.

Finally, your workout ends with a posture series to strengthen your posterior chain, and leave you feeling taller.

Tori Clapham is the founder of Peaches Pilates.

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