Best at-home barre workouts on YouTube

Lengthen and tone your muscles, burn calories and improve your posture by pressing play on one of these FREE barre workouts on YouTube. 

Gyms have re-opened across Australia thanks to easing coronavirus restrictions and dwindling COVID-19 cases, but people are still working out from home.

And if you can save money AND time by hitting play on an at-home workout, well, why not?

We’ve previously shared the best online Pilates apps and sites and the best YouTube workout channels, so now we’ve rounded up the best at-home barre workouts we can’t get enough of on YouTube.

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Barre helps lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk, all while improving your posture. Moreover, it increase your metabolism and cardiovascular endurance, which equals more calories burnt throughout the day. It’s really wins all over.

Plus, you don’t actually need a professional ballet barre to do a barre workout at-home. All you need is a chair, or some workouts don’t require any equipment at all!

So, switch up your HIIT with a barre workout from this list, and you can thank us later.

Best at-home barre workouts on YouTube

Move With Nicole

Try her 35-minute at-home sculpting workout. All you need is a mat and a chair (or anything you can hold on to).

She also has a bunch of other Barre workouts you can choose from.

Barre with Andrea

If you’re pressed for time, Barre with Andrea has a range of short workouts that target specific muscle groups. Try her 15-minutes Barre Abs workout.

Coach Kel

Grab a chair and a set of light hand weights, and enjoy 35-minutes of intense barre movements.

Coach Kel’s back muscles is all the inspo you need to not give up halfway.

Ballet Beautiful

Mary Helen Bowers is well-known for delivering elegant looking workouts that will leave you dripping in sweat and hobbling for the next few days.

Her range of Barre Workouts prove just this. Don’t be fooled by how graceful she makes it look.

FIT by Larie

If you’re looking to torch 500 calories, you can press play on FIT by Larie’s 60-minute Barre workout.

Warning: this isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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