Best at-home weights, for every kind of workout

Just because you don’t have access to the huge weight lifting machines at your usual gym, doesn’t mean you can’t strength train at home – all you need are some simple weights.

If your pre-quarantine routine involved regular visits to your local gym, being stuck at home without any of your usual equipment for your workouts is probably putting a dent in your motivation.

Weight training is actually more important than ever, as many of us spend the vast majority of our days slouching on the couch or at our WFH desks. Increasing your physical strength and building muscle mass allows your body to better support you, helping you to avoid back pain and injury, and improve posture and coordination – among other benefits!

But keeping your fitness goals on track doesn’t mean you have to invest in an entire home gym, complete with bulky and expensive equipment. Replace your usual cardio equipment with a run around the block, and instead of your usual strength training equipment, simply invest in some basic (and affordable!) home-friendly weights.

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Believe it or not, dumbbells are superior to your classic weight machines in a lot of ways. Not only do they help you to use more muscles, they also can improve your joint stability and allow you to work both sides of your body evenly – not to mention the savings on cost and space.

Rubber Coated Da Yeon Figure Dumbbell Pair (0.7kg x 2), $34.22 at Kogan

If you’re just getting into with strength training, start small with this pair of 0.7kg dumbbells in an aesthetically-pleasing blue that’ll brighten up your workout.

Where to get them: Kogan, $34.22 for a pair.

Force USA Rubber Hex Dumbbells, $4.50 – $22.50 at Gym and Fitness

These may look intimidating, but they’re actually designed to maximise safety and ease of use – meaning that they’ll survive even the sweatiest of workouts. They’re available in a variety of weights, from 1kg to 5kg, to suit you at every stage of your fitness journey.

Where to get them: Gym and Fitness, $4.50 for 1kg, $9 for 2kg, $13.50 for 3kg, $18 for 4kg, $22.50 for 5kg.

Kettler 2kg Aerobic Fitness Home Dumbbells with Hand Loop, $58.90 at Kogan

The helpful hand loops on these soft-touch dumbbells mean that you can ensure a secure grip – no weights flying across the room!

Where to get them: Kogan, $58.90 for a pair of 2kg weights.


Kettlebells are great for fat-burning and muscle-toning all in one, and can be used to target every major muscle group in your body. Whether you use them to intensify your squats or for an at-home kettlebell yoga routine (yep, that’s a thing), they’re a great addition to your at-home workouts.

Yoga Fitness Adjustable 4-12lb Water Kettlebell, $89 at Catch

This is a great starter kettlebell, especially since it’s adjustable to suit your workout or strength level. By adding water, can take this kettlebell from an easy 1.8kg up to a more challenging 5.4kg.

Where to get it: for $89.

Fortis 3-18kg Adjustable Kettlebell, $99.99 at Kogan

This adjustable kettlebell is for if you want a slightly stronger challenge – with a non-slip handle and four 2.6kg plates and two 2.2kg plates that can be added onto the 3.1kg frame, it suits all fitness levels and workouts.

Where to get it: Kogan for $99.99.

CORTEX Commercial Premium PU Kettlebell 24kg, $239 at Catch

Want to get serious with your workout? Invest in this heavy-duty commercial-grade 24kg kettlebell for an intense workout that will get you in top shape.

Where to get it: for $89.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are an effective way to burn extra calories and tone up your legs during any workout, from jogging to pilates to kickboxing. And if they’re good enough for Selena Gomez, they’re good enough for us.

Morgan Wrist and Ankle Weights, 0.5kg x 2, $25 at Gym Direct

Perfect for beginners, these weights can be used on your wrists or ankles and add just 0.5kg each.

Where to get them: Gym Direct for $25.

Pilates Adjustable Wrist & Ankle Weights, 1kg, $15 at Decathlon

Step it up with these versatile wrist or ankle “soft dumbbells”, designed for strength training and toning.

Where to get them: Decathlon for $15.

SPRI 2.2kg Adjustable Ankle Weights, $29.99 at Catch

These ankle weights weigh 2.2kg each for when you really want to feel the burn – while keeping your strengthening exercises low-impact.

Where to get them: Catch for $29.99.

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