Black Friday Dyson Airwrap – best deals on the Dyson Airwrap range

BLACK FRIDAY is just a mere four days away, and while many retailers have let us in on what we can expect to see in their sales, others are more tight-lipped – including Dyson.

When you think of Dyson you may think of their superior vacuum range, but Dyson surprised everyone when it launched a game-changing hairdryer in 2016. From there, they continued to up the ante with the Dyson Airwrap Styler range a couple of years later. Since then, the styler has been lusted after by hairdressers and laypeople alike. The Dyson Airwrap may very well be the most sought after hair styler in recent memory – making it a very popular item on Black Friday wishlists across the globe.

What sets the Airwrap apart from other hair stylers?

The 13-blade propeller spins at such a high speed that it creates something known as the Coanda effect, which works to attract hair to the surface of the styler, propelling hair along the strand.

This allows you to style your hair quickly and with ease, without having to worry about the extreme heat damage that can come with using regular styling tools.

Engineered for multiple hair types, these sets are the antithesis to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ ethos of traditional hairstyles.

Whether your hair is lustrous and thick and you need something to help control it, or you’re hair sits flat and lifeless and you are looking for added volume, you’ll find just the tool you’re after with one of the Dyson Airwrap sets.

What are the differences between sets?

The Dyson Airwrap comes in four different sets for different styling needs.

Dyson Airwrap Smooth+Control: For frizz-prone hair that needs a tool that will control and smooth hair, as well as add curls and waves.

Dyson Airwrap Volume+Shape: For flat, fine hair. Coming with brushes and barrels to add curls, volume, and shape to your hair.

Dyson Airwrap Complete: A combination of the two sets above that contains all of the tools one would need for multiple hair types and styles.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long: This set is the same as the Complete set above, but has been specially engineered for hair that is chest-length or longer.

Where to keep a lookout for Dyson Airwrap deals:

How will I know if the Dyson Airwrap is on sale?

Retailers are aware that no one has the time to be constantly refreshing their websites to find a good sale, so most of the websites listed above will allow you to sign up for a special Black Friday mailing list that will let you know if the products you’re after have been reduced, as well as alert you to special discounts they’re running on any given day.

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