Could science behind the Blood Type Diet be set to change the future of skincare?

Could science behind the Blood Type Diet be set to change the future of skincare?

Demi Moore and Liz Hurley are said to be fans. Now the science behind the Blood Type Diet is being used to develop a skincare range.

Dr James D’Adamo – who pioneered the eating plan – has launched a beauty regime that promises radiant, soft, younger-looking skin.

At the moment he says his products work for all people regardless of their blood type, but he is tweaking the formula so that it is aimed at individual blood groups.

New concept: Dr James D'Adamo, who came up with the Blood Type Diet, has now developed a skincare range

New concept: Dr James D’Adamo, who came up with the Blood Type Diet, has now developed a skincare range

Dr D’Adamo has launched a Revitalizing Facial Cream, a Facial Cleanser and a lip balm.

He says: ‘Each skin texture is different because each person is different.

‘But I’ve found that even the most delicate of skin that seems to react to other creams doesn’t react to this.’

That said, Dr D’Adamo says he plans to adjust his formula so it specifically helps the skin of different blood groups.

He says: ‘People with Type O blood tend to have little, tighter pores, while people with Type A are more flexible.

‘The B group is in between.

‘I’m playing with the face cream formula so that it reflects those differences but at the moment we have one cream for everyone.’

The naturopath released his first book, One Man’s Food Is Someone’s Else’s Poison in the early Eighties.

According to his research, for example, blood type As should eat a mostly vegetarian-based diet, while type Os function better on a diet rich in animal proteins like red meat and fish. 

The eating plan gained more popularity with the release of the 1996 best-selling book, Eat Right 4 Your Type, which was written by Dr D’Adamo’s son Dr Peter J D’Adamo. 

Celebrities rumoured to be fans include Ms Moore, Miss Hurley and outgoing X Factor judge Cheryl Cole.

Celebrity fans: Cheryl Cole (left) and Liz Hurley (right) are both believed to maintain their svelte figures using the Blood Type Diet

Dr D’Adamo explained that many of his clients wanted him to take his blood type theory one step further, expanding into a skincare range.

He said: ‘Patients kept telling me that they wanted to look as good as they felt after following the Blood Type Diet.

Guru: Naturopath Dr James D'Adamo created the Blood Type Diet

Guru: Naturopath Dr James D’Adamo created the Blood Type Diet

‘I based these products on [my patients’] top requests.’

The doctor’s new skincare products boast a range of all-natural ingredients. 

According to his website the Revitalizing Facial Cream helps to ‘treat signs of ageing while fortifying the skin’s natural moisture barrier.’

The ozone-infused product apparently carries oxygen to the skin and ingredients include emu oil, vitamin E and rosemary.

Meanwhile the Facial Cleanser includes tea tree oil, neem oil and ginger – a blend that is supposed to eliminate breakouts and stimulate circulation.

Both products already seem to be a hit with Dr D’Adamo’s clients.

Two customers give glowing reviews in the latest edition of the D’Adamo Institute newsletter.

‘I like that it’s odourless and gives my skin a soft and supple feel,’ says a customer who names herself only as Maria.

Another client called Jennifer says the Revitalizing Facial Cream is: ‘Moist, but not greasy, and absorbed easily into skin, lasting the whole day.’

And an employee from the Institute’s herb room is quoted as saying: ‘Keeping the cream in stock has been a challenge. People are loving what it’s doing to their skin.’

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