Exactly how a Magic Mike performer gets stage-ripped

Magic Mike Live is coming to Australia, so we caught up with one of the show’s (very ripped) performers, Nick Phillips, about how he gets his body showtime ready. I’m out of breath just thinking about it—or maybe that’s his abs. 

Nick Phillips is always in shape (you can tell from his thirst-trap of an Instagram account). As an Aussie living in LA, he says you always have to be “ready to go” because the entertainment industry is so fast-paced.

He’s also a fitness coach which comes in handy when you’re physically preparing to jump on stage, shirtless, as a performer in Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike Live show.

“I work out six days a week, sometimes more than once a day,” he tells Body+Soul.

“My workouts in the months and weeks leading up to the show would always be HIIT workouts lasting 45mins to 1 hour with a decent warm-up and cool down.” Good grief.

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Yoga two or three times a week is also important for his mental wellbeing and keeps him flexible. This is vital because his role as an aerialist requires mobility and he can’t bulk up too much. Once the tour begins, though, weight training shifts into high gear.

“I do less HIIT training and more weight lifting to maintain muscle mass.”

His favourite kind of workout? “As brutal as it is”, he loves aerial training, because it works muscles he didn’t even know he had.

“When I first started learning, my finger muscles were on fire and constantly cramping up as I have to hold up my body weight for the entirety of the number squeezing the rope and hanging on for dear life!” he says.

His day-on-a-plate consists of a light breakfast, “I’m never hungry in the morning,” like an Up&Go Energize and a coffee, lunch could be “a bacon and egg sandwich with spinach” or other leafy greens, and dinner is “always protein” with “something carby”. He finishes the day with a protein shake before bed to aid muscle recovery overnight.

The night of

In mental preparation for each performance, Nick takes some time to relax and get focused.

“Backstage we have a little gym set up and I would use our training aerial rope to hang upside down in for a few minutes,” he says.

“Not only does this relax me but also lengthens out my spine and releases a lot of tension.”

It’s in stark contrast to the final few minutes before he and the rest of the crew take the stage when Nick really gets hyped up.

Unlike other performances that he’s done as a backup dancer, Nick gets a real kick out of being the main focus in a Magic Mike show, it’s “exhilarating” and “rewarding, unlike anything” he’s experienced before.

As you can imagine, a performance leaves him feeling “absolutely exhausted” but at the same time, he draws a lot of energy from the crowd. How could you not, with the eyes of hundreds of “very horny” (the Guardian’s words, not mine) women fixated on you?

“Seeing their faces light up and just having a good time, [it’s] something I think we all deserve as a result of 2020,” Nick says.

Here, here.

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