Hips don’t lie! Get ready for this juicy slow and steady hip opening yoga class. Designed to stretch you out in all the places you need it most.

Lockdown has done some crazy things to our routines, and the first casualty for most of us has been regular exercise – not to mention peace of mind. Join our gorgeous yogi Emma Maidment every two weeks for a free, half hour yoga class specially designed to bring you zen and get you feeling good. Emma says her goal is, “to remind you who you are and connect you to your inner power.”

About the teacher

What began as some major health challenges, exacerbated by an underlying hormonal imbalance (PCO), lead Emma to a life mission of empowering women to connect back to themselves and discover their innate power to not only heal but to live into their fullest potential for a happy and aligned life.

She knew the best way to do this was through the science of yoga and meditation, but that she couldn’t do this working in her Public Relations job, so she packed up a thriving career to pursue an embodied life of wellness.

About this class

Slow it down a bit with a more restorative hip opening yoga practice. In this class you’ll move through a slow and steady alignment-based flow. You can pause the video or come back at any time to discover a new approach to each pose through muscle activation and mindful alignment.

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