How Rebel Wilson lost over 20kg, according to her gym

One of Australia’s favourite celebrity exports, Rebel Wilson has been keeping fans updated on the progress of her weight loss journey, revealing just recently she was 8kg away from her goal. Body+Soul caught up with Simon Anderson, the co-founder of SOMA Collection, (where Rebel works out in Sydney) to find out how we can replicate her results.

Over the last nine months, Rebel Wilson has been embarking on a fitness journey. Dubbing 2020 the “year of health”, the Pitch Perfect star committed to eating better and working out regularly.

With three months left in the year, it seems she’s kept her promise to herself and is looking fitter than ever. We asked the founder of her gym SOMA Collection, Simon Anderson, how she’s achieved all she has.

B+S: What kind of exercise/routine did Rebel establish initially at SOMA? How many days did she train? What was her main health/fitness goal?

SA: Rebel trained 4-5 days a week at SOMA. Her routine was 45-minute full-body weights/circuit training, followed by 30-40 min, steady-state cardio on the treadmill. Her main fitness and health goals were to feel good and get stronger.

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For someone who’s just starting out on a health kick or weight loss journey, what should they do in terms of training to ensure they stick to it, but also see results?

Sticking to a routine and consistency is key when starting out on a weight loss journey.

Make sure you are training three to four times a week and keeping your daily steps to around 10,000. This is a nice solid number to work with. If you are in a calorie deficit and consistent, results will come with training.

What are the best kinds of exercises to do regularly to see results?

Incorporate compound lifts and basic movement patterns into daily routines: exercises like squats, deadlift, press, pull, and lunges.

Try to opt for more free weights over machines. This will make you work more of your body’s stabilisers and burn more calories.

There are no magic exercises though, making sure you are performing them correctly and pushing yourself is more important than the actual exercise or movement.

What risks should people be aware of when embarking on a health makeover, like Rebel’s?

The biggest risk is avoiding an injury of some kind. After having a long time off the gym it’s best to ease your body into it.

Using a personal trainer will help you avoid injuries, keep you more accountable, and on track with your goals.

Describe Rebel’s attitude/work ethic to working out? She’s seen great results – why do you think this is?

Rebel had a great work ethic and she was consistent, always doing full-body workout followed by cardio, and lots of walking really paid off. Obviously, this has to align with making better food choices and being in a calorie deficit.

How can people replicate her success at home?

There are loads of great home workouts out there at the moment. A lot of trainers now have gone virtual to adapt to the current pandemic climate and offer zoom sessions.

In regards to weight loss, this can be easily achieved at home. However, building muscle and body transformations will be much easier when using an equipped gym with professional trainers.

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