If you’re obsessed with Pilates, you need to add boxing to your training

Sydney’s cult Pilates studio Fluidform adds an unexpected alternative to their online offering, partnering with Zach Vickers of Transpose Fitness to create a bespoke range of boxing workouts. Here’s why it’s the perfect mix… 

Kirsten King is arguably Sydney’s leading Pilates instructor, a view shard by her legion of dedicated (and often celebrity) clientele – both in her Fluidform Sydney studios and the Fluidform At Home (FFAH) online classes. With over ten year’s of experience in teaching this low-impact form of exercise you might think she was all about Pilates workouts, ALL of the time. But you’d be wrong.

King has been complimenting her own mat and reformer workouts with high-impact boxing sessions, with Zach Vickers of Transpose Fitness, and is now bringing the benefits to her popular Fluidform At Home online platform, with a Boxing 1.0 challenge launching for online members this Monday, 30th of December.

Want a taste? Hit play on our exclusive video workout from Zach above. But warning, your lower body will feel it tomorrow!

When Pilates alone isn’t enough

The reason she mixes these two vastly different workouts? Kirsten explains, saying “I integrate boxing into my workout routine to test the strength and stability I’ve built through Pilates…. Boxing offers that mental challenge, pushing me beyond my limits and outside my comfort zone. The dynamic motions and mental component of boxing, planning your moves and setting your intentions gets my blood pumping, which does wonders to my energy levels, mental focus and physical performance.”

“The interrelation of the two exercises became really obvious to us when we were teaching clients across both classes, noticing significant physical and mental growth. Pilates offers the alignment, strength and stability needed to test your physical and mental limits with boxing. Boxing 1.0 is just the beginning for FFAH, with more challenges in the works for next year. We are excited to see where this partnership will take us and for all that is to come for the future.”

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Stronger, together

And on the choice to parter with Zach, she says “Zach is an incredible athlete, trainer and expert in his field, as well as a long-time close friend. We have worked together on numerous projects in the past and decided it was time to join forces and introduce something invaluable to both our clients and the global community.

“We are constantly teaching and learning from each other, the interplay of Pilates and boxing becoming more prominent in our lives and the results of our clients. I’m always looking for ways to evolve the Fluidform experience for my clients and FFAH members, so this cemented our decision to bring our two passions together and introduce boxing to the Fluidform at Home workout offerings.”

The perfect pairing

I quizzed Zach on how exactly boxing would help someone who’s a Pilates devotee, and he was adamant of the benefits of this combination, saying “Pilates requires slow, steady control whereas Boxing runs on fast paced movements. Any imbalances brought on by Boxing’s explosive, repetitive motions can be balanced through the work of Pilates by focusing on your postural alignment and correction.

“Practicing Pilates will build strength and stability across your shoulders and deep within your core. Boxing movements are generated through rotation of the midline, making strength in this area vital to performance and injury prevention.”

Building resilience

Zach is keen to explain how clients who take up boxing, and stick with it, see changes not only to their physical appearance and fitness, but their mental resilience too.

He says, “Every client’s journey is truly unique. From why they choose to be here through to the goals they have set and the lessons they learn in the process. For me, this is what makes boxing so powerful, much like Pilates.

“The key changes I witness range from an increase in mental and physical resilience through to physical attributes mainly improving body composition, muscle development and tone. Then there are the moments when these changes run deeper than the physical, and we see our clients develop a sense of self belief and belonging.”

Just get started

When giving advice to first-time boxers who might be intimidated by the idea of lacing up the gloves, Zach say “Be humble and surrender yourself to the process of learning. Finding something difficult is not a sign of incompetence but rather an opportunity to learn and grow. Ask questions along the way and find a pace to your progress that is comfortable to your physical and mental state.”

More information about Fluidform At Home is available here, with subscriptions starting from $35 per month.

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