Ivanka Trump copies step-mum Melania’s outfit by wearing matching heels at debate

Ivanka Trump and her stepmother Melania are known for their stylish and expensive outfits. For their most recent appearance at the presidential debate, the Trump women both stepped out in black and navy outfits whilst wearing masks. 

The Trump family headed to Nashville, Tennessee yesterday for the political debate between Donald and Joe Biden.

The final debate took place between the two parties before the election on November 3. 

Putting safety first, Ivanka wore a disposable blue face mask as she entered the debate arena.

In recent weeks, the president’s daughter has made a huge effort to wear reusable face coverings that match her outfits, but today opted for a disposable.

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She paired the outfit with a pair of black point toe stiletto heels that she often wears.

Ivanka also owns the heels in many different colours including nude and baby pink. 

For jewellery, Ivanka kept it simple like always and opted for a sparkly silver bracelet on her wrist along with her red string bracelet that she has been seen wearing for a few years. 

She completed the look with sleek straightened hair that fell over her shoulders.

The two women were wearing almost identical stiletto shoes.

Both of their pairs of heels featured a pointed toe with a thin heel.

Melania however, went for her designer Christian Louboutin So Kate footwear that are recognised by the red-lacquered soles. 

Her shoes retail for a whopping £545 and she often recycles them for events.

Ivanka’s heels look very similar to the Manolo Blahnik footwear that Melania is often seen wearing which cost around £800 a pair.

Both Ivanka and Melania wear black heels on regular occasions, with them sometimes almost matching their outfits.

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