Kate Middleton has ‘priceless’ jewellery collection including ring from Princess Diana

Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family in 2011 after dating Prince William for several years. Prince William popped the question to Kate in Kenya while on holiday at Lewa Safari Camp. The Duchess’ engagement ring previously belonged to Princess Diana and contains a huge amount of diamonds in it.

Princess Diana continued to wear the engagement ring after her divorce from Charles.

Laura added: “Following Lady Di’s death in 1997, this ring as well as her Cartier watch were returned to the Prince of Wales for distribution amongst her sons.

“Story goes that Prince William originally picked the watch but then traded the watch for the ring with Prince Harry to have a suitable ring to propose with.”

The sapphire ring was created by British jeweller Garrad and was chosen by Prince Charles for his proposal to Diana.

Roseanna Croft, the founder of Roseanna Croft Jewellery, explained that the ring comes with a huge price tag.

The expert said: “The Duchess of Cambridge’s ruby ring I estimate to be worth in the region of £35,000 and is a stunning piece of timeless yet ‘on trend’ jewellery – a step away from the traditional jewels worn by the Royal Family.

“The setting is elegant and really helps the stone to stand proud in the ring with a simple diamond set band accentuating the ruby even more.”

Kate will also often match her jewellery or outfits to the places she visits.

Roseanna added: “She is thought to have worn it paired with a white Alexander McQueen peplum dress as a nod to the colours of the Polish flag when she was on tour with her family in Poland.”

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