Kate Middleton jewellery: Duchess ‘transformed’ Princess Diana’s £50,000 earrings

Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family when she married Prince William in 2011. He proposed to her with his mothers sapphire ring, which features a large oval sapphire in the centre, which is surrounded by 14 diamonds. She also has a pair of earrings from Princess Diana, which according to one expert the Duchess has “transformed”. 

“We believe Kate has transformed Lady Diana’s original studs to better suit her personal style and add her own twist. 

“The short drop earrings suit her contemporary style and makes them a perfect day earring for any official engagement.

 “At Lebrusan Studio we have clients come in all the time wanting to refresh jewellery and often recommend small transformations such as this, so you keep the original feel of the piece, but give it a new life. 

“To do something like this probably won’t cost more than £1,000 and there is nothing better than repurposing a family heirloom to empower you everyday.”

Arseniy Budrevich, founder of Budrevich told Express.co.uk: “It’s hard to put an exact value to these earrings without knowing the quality and origin of the sapphires. 

“However, assuming the stones are the highest grade cashmere sapphires prices start at £20,000 per carat making up the vast majority of the valuation. 

“This puts the price of the pair starting at £50,000. This is obviously far less than the actual value considering they are owned by the Royal Family.”

Kate was first photographed in the single-drop diamonds in an official photograph released by Clarence House back in 2011. 

She now regularly adds them to outfits with her most recently wearing them during the Royal Train tour.

The Duchess isn’t the only one who has pieces in her collection from other members of the Royal Family. 

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring similarly features stones from Princess Diana’s collection.

Kate Earlam-Charnley, Design Director at Taylor&Hart said: “The royals have always led the way in terms of jewellery, especially engagement ring design.

“Meghan Markle sparked a whole host of trends – from incorporating heirlooms into new pieces (the two side diamonds in her design were a part of Diana’s collection) to the resurgence of three stone/trilogy ring styles and yellow gold.”

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