meet the Apple Watch Series 6

Apple’s latest smart watch release, the Apple Watch Series 6, delivers game changing new features like bloody oxygen readings, faster charging, brighter display and longer battery life. 

When Apple makes an announcement about their latest software or product offerings, it usually makes headlines around the world. And even in the midst of an unprecedented global health pandemic, yesterday’s digital announcement was no different.

For the first time Apple is stepping into the world of online fitness programs, with the launch of their full integrated Fitness+ digital platform. But there was news on the product front too – with Apple revealing not one but two new Apple Watches – the Apple Watch Series 6, and the Apple Watch SE. There is also a new (and very wellness-attuned) operating system to boot… but we’ll get to that later.

This is big news for those who are already card-carrying members of the Apple Watch fan club, but also for those who are curious about strapping on a smart watch for the first time.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Apple Watch releases for 2020…

Apple Watch Series 6 can measure your blood oxygen levels

Cool, right? This is a first for Apple Watch, but also for smart watches, generally. Green, red and infrared lights within the sensor that sits against your skin take photographs to measure the colour of your blood (again, cool right?) to determine the level of oxygenation. The brighter your blood, the more oxygen is circulating through your veins.

Whilst not designed to replace a clinical measurement in a medical setting, Apple are confident the readings are highly accurate and can help piece together a larger picture of your relative health – depending on things like current altitude, and movement.

Data is tracked in the Blood Oxygen app, and are also integrated intermittently during the day into the Health app (like your step count is). Apple is already working with a number of research outlets on studies using these BO2 readings – looking at asthma, and viral respiratory infections like influenza and COVID-19 (how… timely).

Apple Watch Series 6 is faster than ever

Thanks to a fancy new 6S processor chip, the latest iteration is 20 per cent faster than the Apple Watch Series 5 model. Speedy!

Apple Watch Series 6 charges quicker

The latest Apple Watch can go from zero battery to 100 per cent in just an hour and a half. The Series 6 model has the same 18-hour battery life as older models, but the fast-charge capability makes things like wearing your watch to bed to track your sleep that much easier.

Apple Watch Series 6 is cheaper

We didn’t expect this! According to Gizmodo Australia (who tend to know about these things) that new Apple Watch releases are retailing for $50 less across the range. Hallelujah! There’s also the release of the Apple Watch SE, which is an entry level model and priced even lower.

Apple Watch Series 6 is brighter

The Always On Retina Display which many users loved from the Series 5 model (…very handy during a spin class when you want to count down the minutes until you can stop peddling… or check your messages), is now two and half times brighter than before – even when your wrist is down/the watch face is not activated. Which means it’s easier to sneak a look at the time without having to lift a finger. Or hand.

Apple Watch Series 6 is more colourful

There are more watch face colours to choose from than ever before – with 11 options, including both aluminium and titanium casings, on offer. While Apple has retired the ceramic face, there are new colourways: blue, gold, graphite and a (PROJECT) RED variations in aluminium to brighten your day. In the titatanium, there is a new high shine grey/black, as well as a gold yellow colourway.

The band options got an update too, with a new, stretchy Solo Loop (made out of one piece of material) band in either silicon or a braided loop weave.

There are six new watch faces you can choose to show the data you care about too – so the possible combinations are (almost) endless.

When and where can I buy the Apple Watch Series 6?

The Apple Watch Series 6 will be available in Australia on Friday the 18th of September, 2020. The Series 6 model is priced from $599 to $1269 AUD, depending on specifications.

Keen to upgrade? You can pre-order your Apple Watch Series 6, or Apple Watch SE online via the Apple website. However major Australian retailers will be carrying the range from Sept 18, too.

You can shop yours here, here, here or here.

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