Our favourite trainers on the songs that really pump them up

You know those songs that never fail to get you going, no matter how crappy or tired you’re feeling? We asked some of our favourite fit people what their tune is.

We know the immense power of music and its effects on us, from calm music making us decrease in stress to high tempo beats with the undeniable potential to get us moving.

It’s been shown that what you’re listening to at the gym can decrease your perception of how hard you’re working; it’s also a great way to set your pace and can be used to overcome fatigue and control emotion during competition. It’s why this particular writer chucks a hissy fit and refuses to work out when she realises her headphones didn’t charge. True story, I have walked out of the gym without even touching a treadmill if I can’t listen to music.

But we thought it might be interesting to reach out to some of our favourite fit people to see which song they use to really get them pumped up. BRB going to make a Spotify playlist.

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Morgan Mitchell, Olympic sprinter and F45 athlete

F-ck You Mean by Meek Mill

“It’s heavy, has a good beat and gets me super amped,” she says.

“When I get to the track I’ll listen to bangers like, deep house or whatever just because I feel like, yeah this is a party. Once I start my warm-up, it’s all just very heavy metal and heavy rap and people are like, you look like you want to box someone [laughs].”

Angharad (Harri) Saynor, master trainer at Infinite Cycle

Blue (Flume Remix) by Eiffel 65 and Flume

“This tune is the perfect mix of an old classic but with a new killer beat – I challenge you to not want to move to this beat!”

Ben Lucas, director at Flow Athletic

The Business by Tiesto

“It is a great beat, fires me up, also guarantees a good work-out. Absolutely banger!”

Adala Bolto, founder of ZADI

Work B*tch by Britney Spears

“Because everyone loves Britney and the song inspires her to get things done.”

Sam Wood, founder of 28 by Sam Wood

Kickstart My Heart by Mötley Crüe

“It’s loud rock and roll and it gets the adrenaline pumping,” he says.

Luke Zocchi, trainer at Centr

Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini

“It’s one of my favourites and I love to pump it in the gym before a tough weights session to get my head in the right spot to train!”

Emily Skye, founder of the Emily Skye Fit program

‘Bout It by Yung Joc from Step Up movie soundtrack

“I love that movie and songs that make you feel happy and put you in the mood are really motivating for me! I can’t workout without good music, I train so much harder. This song makes me want to dance!”

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