Please give a standing ovation to this heavily pregnant woman who ran 1.6km in 5 mins

Her husband bet her $100 she couldn’t run it in eight minutes. She won the bet and then some.

Makenna Myler had been a competitive runner since high school. But as we know, pregnancy does have a tendency to slow you down a bit.

“Neither of us had any idea what to expect during a pregnancy,” she told Today in the US.

“We’ve always heard I’d just kind of shut down as I got further in.”

Still in her first trimester, Makenna’s husband Mike was convinced she couldn’t maintain her current running speed, being able to complete a mile (1.6km) in five minutes or under the month the baby was due.

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“In month two, Mike was convinced running an eight-minute mile in my ninth month was a pipe dream, so when I bet him I’d run a seven-min mile, he put $100 dollars down, and gave me an extra minute,” she said. And did she show him up or what.

The 28-year-old, with clearance from her doctors as she was already fit, recently ran 1.6km in 5 minutes, 25 seconds, while Mike and her family cheered from the sidelines as she ran around an athletics track.

Needless to say, the video has gone viral on TikTok, amassing 626,000 likes and counting.

Makenna joked that while the first few laps were reasonably comfortable, “but from there, my form turned into more of an emperor penguin style—side to side as well as forward motion.”

She said: “I hope it inspires women, just as I was inspired by other pregnant athletes, to pursue goals in spite of what the status quo says we ought to pursue.”

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