Princess Anne news: Royal given two engagement rings with a special link

Princess Anne is a senior working member of the Royal Family. She has been married two times and was given an engagement ring before both ceremonies.

She may have been given the rings nearly 20 years apart but they both had some details in common.

Princess Anne married her first husband Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey in 1973.

The pair have two children together, Peter Phillips, 42, and Zara Tindall, 39.

While some opt for diamonds, Mark chose a sapphire to take centre stage in the ring he presented to Princess Anne, 77 Diamonds head of bespoke Anna Buyers explained.

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Speaking to, Anna said: “The first engagement ring, given by Mark Philips, features a cabochon cut blue sapphire of about two carats.

“Cabochon cut gems have a smooth, rounded finish and are not faceted, giving a soft, silk-like feel to the stone.

“The cabochon gem is framed by a cluster of three small diamonds either side totalling approx 0.2 carats, set in yellow gold.”

Princess Anne and Mark separated after 16 years of marriage and the royal no longer wears the jewel.


However, the classic ring could still be worth an impressive sum of money, the expert suggested.

She said: “This one would be priced at £9,000. I find it an interesting design that holds a true 1970s vintage style.”

After Princess Anne and Mark separated, she began dating former Royal Navy Commander Timothy Laurence.

Timothy and Princess Anne later married in 1992 at a ceremony at Crathie Kirk, near Balmoral Castle, in Scotland.

The Queen’s daughter was given a timeless ring that she will usually wear when she is seen out.

While the piece is different, it had a surprising link to her first ring as it also featured a central sapphire.

The blue jewel was surrounded by diamonds and the piece could also be worth a huge sum of money.

Anna stated: “The second engagement ring is from Princess Anne’s second husband, Timothy Laurence, and has a slightly smaller sapphire accompanied by two diamonds on either side.

“The sapphire is of a deep blue colour intensity, with two side stones that look to be around 0.5 carats each.

“It’s a very elegant, vintage design that sits beautifully on the finger.

“Because of the size of the stones, I would say this engagement ring would cost around £20,000 to create.

“Both Princess Anne’s engagement rings feature vivid blue sapphires.

“Sapphires symbolise honesty, trust and wisdom — they hold so much significance beyond being simple jewellery items.”

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