Princess Diana & Kate Middleton engagement ring still the most influential royal jewellery

The Princess of Wales’ engagement ring was first shown to the public 40 years ago, before Diana married Prince Charles. But today, the ring still inspires couples throughout Britain to opt for the same design for their engagement.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which now belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge, features two precious stones: a diamond and a sapphire.

The ring cost Price Charles £28,000 at the time, but it is now said to be worth an estimated £390,000.

Its stunning jewel combination is still popular today.

According to new research from, more than eight in 10 (82 percent) couples who opt for an engagement ring that contains two or more stones will choose a diamond and sapphire pairing.

In doing so, they mimic a design that has never gone out of style since the early 1980s.

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Eighteen percent of people said that the pandemic had forced them to delay the purchase of a ring or made them spend less on one.

Interestingly, as much as 72 percent of those surveyed by said they have no idea what their partner’s ring size is.

Diamonds and sapphires might be the most popular stones when it comes to buying a combination ring, but the single most popular jewel is the diamond.

This precious white gem has increased in popularity by almost 20 percent this year.

In 2021, 68 percent of people are opting for diamonds over rubies, emeralds, or amethysts.

Last year, 50 percent of people preferred diamonds.

A style named ‘The Solitaire’ is the most popular engagement ring design, chosen by 31 percent of couples, while 17 percent are inclined towards ‘The Three Stone’ or ‘The Cluster’.

‘The Solitaire’ is a classic design, featuring a diamond that is usually cut in a round shape.

‘The Three Stone’ is a set of three diamonds sitting beside each other on the ring band, while ‘The Cluster’ compromises of a sparkling centre stone surrounded by smaller stones.

Princess Diana’s ring falls in the third style category as its centrepiece is a blue sapphire, outlined by a cluster of small diamonds.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, said: “There’s an old saying that the cost of an engagement ring should equal three month’s salary, but that’s not necessarily the case.” has created an engagement ring cost calculator to help couples know how much to spend on their significant other’s special ring.

Mr Haqqi said: “It gives people guidance on what they should be looking at spending according to their personal circumstances.

“We love tradition in the UK, illustrated by the fact that a Diana-style ring is still the most popular, 40 years after it first made its public debut,” he added.

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