Rebel Wilson’s trainer on how to get your butt off the couch, once and for all

He famously helped Aussie actor Rebel Wilson drop 30kg during her ‘Year of Health’, and now personal trainer Jono Castano shares his tips for staying motivated during your fitness or weight loss journey.

When the weather’s crap or it’s been a really busy week, working out is sometimes the last thing in the world you want to do.

A lack of motivation can strike any time and affects pretty much all of us at some time or another. Whether you’re starting out on a fitness or weight loss journey, or are an otherwise avid exerciser, Rebel Wilson’s personal trainer, Jono Castano, has some tips for how to get your butt off the couch again.

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“The first part of any journey should be the purpose,” he told Felicity Harley in the latest episode of Body+Soul’s Healthy-Ish podcast.

He says finding your why is a vital piece to the weight loss or fitness puzzle and it’s important to not just think about it: write it down, tell your friends, and make it public to keep yourself accountable.

“[Rebel] held herself accountable,” he said because she shared her ‘Year of Health’ on her social media.

Yes, the fittest of us can experience a lull in motivation, even personal trainers to the stars like Castano and for him, he said being bored is a significant factor in that.

“I get bored very easily, that’s how I can lack motivation,” he said. His tip? Mix it up as often as you can.

“Be open to try new things, don’t just stick to the same program.”

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