Rowformer is the latest Pilates hybrid workout that burns up to 1000 calories per session

If you thought reformer Pilates was hard, the Rowformer will have you sore for days. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Pilates trend in Australia.

From reformer to HIIP and mat, Pilates is the biggest fitness trend of the moment, proving to lengthen and tone your entire body without having to run a marathon or lift ridiculous amounts of weights.

Now, the latest form of Pilates has dropped in Australia – and no one saw this combination coming.

Meet the ‘Rowformer’: a machine that is half a reformer Pilates and half a rower, which makes for an intense full-body workout that combines cardio training with strength and resistance.

The machine was brought to the land Down Under by Michael Ramsay and Mark Armstrong, personal trainers who had previously owned six F45 outlets, and have now shifted their focus to the Rowformer and opened studio STRONG in Queensland.

“There’s something about the combination of fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibres working together that absolutely destroys you and gives you an almost euphoric feeling at the end of every single workout,” Ramsay tells Body+Soul.

“Traditionally with Reformer Pilates it’s quite tough to get your heart rate up. We use bursts of HIIT rowing to elevate your HR levels for around 4-minutes max (row side), and then compliment that with tough, time-under-tension, spring loaded resistance training (strength side) for around 10-minutes max.

“The combination works extremely well as it enables a substantial calorie burn, and also activates most of your lower body with the Rower being 85 per cent lower-body exercise.”

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Ramsay says the average person will burn 500-700 calories in one 45-minute class, and some may even burn up to 1000.

“It’s not unusual for a STRONG member to drop a dress size or 6-8kg in the first few months,” he adds.

“Predominantly you’re going to burn body fat, build lean muscle, get stronger and improve cardio. There’s also a huge mental aspect to the workout.”

Ramsay notes the workouts significantly differ from a traditional F45 or Orangetheory workout.

“This differs so much from an F45 or Orangetheory as we don’t include plyometrics, running or even heavy free-weights. STRONG is all about longevity and sustainability but still being able to push your limits without the risk of injury, sore knees, lower back and so forth.”

Heart-rate technology and TV monitors are also integrated into the workouts, however unlike the structure of F45, “the instructor controls the changing of the exercises through a device, as opposed to working to a timer.”

Ramsay also notes STRONG is suitable for any fitness level and age.

“We feel most people can do the workout comfortably and effectively. In many cases the Pilates-inspired components will help reverse the effects of back pain, bad knees, shoulders and so forth.”

Unfortunately, the STRONG studio is located in Queensland, so the rest of us Aussies will have to wait a little longer for Ramsay and Armstrong to open a few more studios across the country.

For more information on STRONG and the Rowformer, head here. You can also follow STRONG on Instagram @strong.

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