The best smart watches and fitness trackers to buy online in Australia

Want to strap on a fitness tracker, but not sure which smart watch is for you? The Body+Soul editors have surveyed the market to find the best device to keep you accountable in 2021… and beyond. No matter your goals. 

The Body+Soul editors are a discerning bunch, so when they recommend the best running shoes, or the sleep aids that actually work, or sustainable swaps that look as good as they feel, we suggest you take note. Each week we’ll be sharing a handpicked list of the best buys for your health and wellness, so keep your eyes peeled for The Edit.

30 minutes. That’s by how much your weekly exercise increases when wearing a fitness tracker, according to a study published in PLOS Medicine. The study also found that people who track their activity are 44 per cent less likely to suffer a bone fracture and 66 per cent less likely to experience a heart attack or stroke.

The all-terrain smart watch

Not only will this durable GPS watch track your health metrics, it will also monitor the environment – with its barometric altimeter, compass, accelerometer and thermometer – to keep you safe on rugged trails.

Shop it: Garmin Instinct, $297, at Catch

The on-call medic

While this watch does all the usual things a smart tracker would do, it’s also packed with state-of-the-art medical tech. It continually scans your vital parameters as you go about your day, and can alert you to any heart or breathing anomalies.

Shop it: Withings ScanWatch, from $499, at JBHiFi

The stylish smart smart watch

This elegant piece of jewellery is just a front for a smart core that tracks your workouts, sleep and heart rate, and is water-resistant to boot.

The do-it-all smart watch

Boasting a revolutionary blood-oxygen sensor, new sleep app and always-on retina display, the Apple Watch Series 6 does a lot more than track your workouts (although it does that, too).

Shop it: Apple Watch Series 6, from $599, at Apple

The personalised smart watch

This PT for your wrist will create a personalised fitness plan for you as it adapts to your workouts as they improve and provides real-time feedback to keep you motivated.

Shop it: Suunto 3 Fitness, $199, at JBHiFi

The all-access smart watch

Not only can you manage your call, text and app notifications from your wrist, you’ll also be able to track more than 20 exercises, tap into the built-in GPS and call on Alexa or Google Assistant with the tap of a button.

Shop it: Fitbit Versa 3, $324, at The Good Guys

The pocket PT

Featuring an animated personal trainer that offers up to 12 different workouts and 44 posture demonstrations, this smartwatch will push you to try new exercises and encourage you to move more with “stand up” reminders.

Shop it: Huawei Watch Fit, $177, at The Good Guys

The step tracker

More than just a step counter, with its lightweight design, long-lasting battery and media controls, this activity tracker has everything you need.

Shop it: iConnect by Timex Active, $99.95, at Myer

The not-so-basic bracelet

Don’t let the simple design fool you – this watch can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, kilojoule burn and help you find your lost phone.

Shop it: G26 Smart Bracelet, $49.99, at Catch

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