The Crown inspires surge in sales of Princess Diana’s ’timeless’ fashion pieces

The late Princess Diana was extremely popular among the public due to her friendly nature and her fashion choices. She established herself as an icon for many reasons and since Netflix launched season four of The Crown, retailers have seen an increase in demand for some of the Princess’ fashion pieces.

“Diana’s role as a style icon has proved timeless, with the recent uptake in some of her most loved styles which include ruffles, tweed and tartan prints, Peter Pan collars and a splash of red.”

The Princess’ fashion was so popular during the eighties, that retailers at the time started to replicate some of her iconic pieces.

Diana was a huge fan of London’s Warm & Wonderful clothing range and her pink jumper with white and mustard detailing is making a comeback.

The blue writing on the white panel saying ‘I’m a Luxury’ is available for preorder and costs around £250.

Rich said: “Colourful coats then became dresses and tailored suits, as she grew in confidence and took ownership of how she represented herself. Catherine Walker (of whom the Duchess of Cambridge is also a fan) dressed her for most occasions, from banquets to royal tours.

“Her bold choices and her departure from her usual ‘safe’ style was marked when she danced with John Travolta in a blue Edelstein dress. Her off-the-shoulder style inspired a generation, crimsons and pinks were a staple, and polka dots were aplenty.

“Wearing the off-the-shoulder blue dress sparked comments over whether or not a member of the Royal Family should be wearing that sort of clothing, but perhaps is one of the reasons Princess Diana proved to be so popular and loved by people all over the world.”

The stylist also explained that her approach to fashion is easy to replicate today.

He added: “Diana’s style has transcended through the past 30 or so years and the approachable nature of her style is now easier to achieve than ever.

“The key aspects of Diana’s style are easy to replicate given current trends; try pleated wide leg trousers with a fitted, high-neck, puff sleeved blouse for an effortless look that can be easily dressed up with heels.

“If you’re looking for more casual attire, try boyfriend jeans from the likes of Lee Denim, a nautical striped tee and Superga trainers for an easy school run outfit.”

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