Tim Robards’ ‘devil press’ move will whip those abs into 6-pack shape

Despite working out during the colder months, are you still having trouble locating your six-pack? According to Tim Robards, former Neighbours star and founder of The Robards Method, you need to introduce the ‘devil press’ move into your core routine.

“It’s basically a burpee with dumbbells followed by an overhead press. It burns fat and builds abs at the same time,” Robards explains.

Oh, and while he has your attention, Robards tells Body+Soul that abs are also made in the kitchen.“Eat with a knife and fork, rather than your hands,” he quips. “This is a cheeky way of saying put down the burgers, pizza and ice cream, and eat more real food. You can’t out-train a bad diet. If you want to reveal your abs, you need to keep your body fat ideally below 15 per cent.”

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How to do the devil press

As well as working your abs, the devil press will also work your shoulders, chest, back and triceps – pretty much your entire body. Because the movements are so explosive, your heart rate will be sent skyrocketing, which is key for burning fat.

1. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, complete a burpee, making sure to bring your chest to the floor.

2. Once the burpee is completed, stand upright with a straight back and knees slightly bent.

3. Raise each dumbbell to shoulder height, then, bending at the elbows, lift them above your head. Return hands to your sides and repeat from the beginning.

Tim Robards is an actor, chiropractor and the founder of fitness program, The Robards Method.

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